Texas Hill Country, Defined

Part of Central Texas... West of Austin, North of San Antonio, East of San Angelo... more or less... Towns like Luckenbach, Fredericksburg, Comfort and Boerne... Think rugged landscapes, limestone, creek beds (often dry), caves, cows, horses, spurs and a mixture of Spanish and German influences, among others. More at Wikipedia.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Visit to the Local Nursery (Photo Essay)

Nothing like a local nursery visit to get a clearer, ahem, picture of what actually grows in a region...not what corporate entities think you want to buy. Today, we headed out with a trunk full of empty plastic pots (they recycle the larger ones...which is great). 

One of my favorite things about our nursery--besides the fact that they have several massive green houses full of stuff that they start on site (they're renowned for their African violets)--is the sign behind the register that reads (in scrawling script on an big piece of poster board--real authentic): 

We do not guarantee plants to live.

Cracks me up every time that I see it. Please buy local when you can.

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